Production efficiency.
Precision at work.

Production efficiency defines eTensil. The whole project is tightly wound around perfecting the key functions that ensure precision, power and control at all times when using a screwdriver. The advantage to this is a high-quality final product.

Torque control system.

This control system is vital to tightening torque, as it automatically cuts off the power supply. This ensures high repeatability – in other words a low Mean Shift value – even when faced with a variable joint softness level. Values remain unchanged over million of cycles, guaranteeing high quality that is consistent over time.

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Signaling LEDs.

Three LEDs ensure precise and efficient signaling. It is a simple solution that ensures the screwdrivers’ settings and correct functioning are immediately apparent to the user. The blue LED near the reverse button remains lit to signal that the screwdriver is in “untighten” mode (leftwards rotation). The white LED in the same area shows the tool is ready for use. The LED at the front, next to the quick change chuck, lights up the area of work as well as indicating anomalous functioning at the end of a tightening cycle (in conjunction with the blue LED). Once the same LED flashes constantly it means that the programmed maintenance is required.

On board electronics.

FIAM has designed and created an innovative on board electronics so as the user can easily configure various settings directly on the tool, instead than on the power supply unit. As a result the system is easier to use, workplace layout is tidier, and data exchange between the tool and the power unit is faster.

Safe clutch

A protective device controls access to the mechanical clutch, ensuring adjustments are made safely. This keeps tightening torque repeatability consistent and tightening precise and safe, so as to adhere to the highest manufacturing quality standards.

External clutch

When dealing with the need to swap often between the components to be assembled and relevant screws, models with external clutch adjustment are the ideal solution, allowing you to quickly and repeatedly adjust tightening torque without having to get inside the screwdriver. The ring is numbered for simple and immediate adjustment. Models available with start lever only.

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Screw suction device.

This device makes the tool’s hold on the screws and their positioning easier and more secure and can be fitted on all straight screwdrivers and on eTensil motors. Simply fit the screwdriver with a special head connected to a vacuum pump. Attached to the head is a special nozzle that can be customized to suit the screws in question or the part to be assembled. The bits are also adapted to suit the screw type.

Continuous monitoring.
Controlled production.

The eTensil range is designed for integration with production cycle monitoring systems, such as TOM units. Also produced entirely by Fiam, this system is equipped with a series of acoustic and visual alerts, allowing users to continuously monitor work processes, thus guiding them through the assembly stages. This system eliminates postprocess controls, easy to use and intuitive to set up. Moreover, when connected to the line’s PLC, it remotely communicates with a factory system in order to transmit production data (Industry 4.0) and cycle efficiency.

Tightening Operation Monitor.

TOM is a “Poka Yoke”, error proof system designed to eliminate errors in context of lean production. In-process controls of tightening progress provide full support for users, including updates on the outcome of each cycle and permission to begin each subsequent step accordingly. If there is an error, at the end of a cycle users are presented with the option to halt the production line. This supports users by giving them constant control over the machine’s functions and the ability to monitor the entire process. Connecting TOM to a printer generates reports on all the tightening procedures executed for each item or on the entire production process.

Error rate:

The ability to see errors and halt production translates into zero waste. The double display provides immediate feedback on the production process under way. The system registers each tightening process separately, deducting each one as it is completed. TOM is equipped with 4 acoustic alerts (successful tightening, end of process, error, end of sequence) and 3 LEDs. As an alternative to the line’s PLC, users can connect the inputs/ outputs to their own pick-and-place systems, warning lights, devices to block/activate start-up and positioning jigs. There are many advantages: safety, speed and efficient maintenance.

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