Ergonomic design.
Perfection in handling.

Ergonomics has always been the central point of Fiam design and key strength in provided solutions. In perfect Italian style, the design also adheres to the combination of form and matter, with linearity and refined layout. The grip is made of innovative materials ensuring a better resistance against any form of collision or damage. It is placed close to the tightening area, making the centring easy and fast. Easy to handle, combining low weight and dimensions. Suitable for both left and righthanded users, as well as for the smaller and female hands.

Angle models.

In the automotive and household appliance industries, where tightening has to be done in tight and hard-to-reach spaces – for instance, up against walls, near to frame members and profiles – the ideal solution lies in angle screwdrivers. Their 30° or 90° heads – which are extremely compact to reach awkward tightening sites – have been designed and manufactured with innovative materials that make them wear resistant (and hence low maintenance), while delivering impressive tightening precision. Models available with start lever only.

Pistol models.

Straight screwdrivers demonstrate their versatility even as operating layouts change: if tightening points happen to be located on a vertical wall, they can be converted to pistol screwdrivers, making the tightening job 100% ergonomically sound. The pistol grip – available on request – results in an extremely balanced new grip that is also suitable where hanging systems are not an option and where particular thrust is not required along the tightening axis.

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Cartesian and
telescopic arms.

Ergonomic arms are entirely designed and manufactured by Fiam and they completely counteract the reaction on the operator’s hand, the force required to support the tool and the vibrations to the hand-arm system. They make it possible to keep the wrist in a good position with the tool perpendicular to the work point, improving working accuracy and production process quality.

Available in several versions:

  • Magnesium telescopic arms
  • Cartesian arms
  • Articulated cartesian arms
  • Articulated cartesian arms.

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Continuous monitoring.
Controlled production.

The eTensil range is designed for integration with production cycle monitoring systems, such as tightening systems with guided positioning that allowing users to continuously monitor work processes, thus guiding them through the assembly stages.

Tightening Position Monitor.

TPM is an auxiliary system that increases the efficiency of tightening operation cycles by monitoring all the sequences concerned with tool positioning at the tightening point.

The system consists of:

  • Telescopic or cartesian arm
  • TPM monitoring unit (two versions: one allows the device to perform angular movement detection, another angular and linear movement detection)
  • Connecting cable


The system locates the screwdriver’s position in a tightening process and stores this in its memory. It also stores the sequence of actions and the number of screws used. Storing this information is part of the system’s “self-learning” process. The screwdriver activates when it finds the first position stored in its memory: POS-OK appears on the TPM display and the POS-OK LED on the telescopic arm lights up. For every screw tightened, the REMAIN display indicates how many screws are left to tighten, allowing the system to proceed to the next one. The END signal lights up once the memorised cycle is complete and permits users to proceed to a new working cycle.

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