Performance and functions.
Evolved programming.

The user can manually programme various work processes on the tools themselves, without having to change the mechanical setup or having to deal with an external accessory. This strategic choice defines eTensil as one of the most evolved solutions in terms of efficiency and versatility.


The reverse command is encased within the screwdriver body to protect it from wear, collision or damage and accidental activation. A single press of the button when the screwdriver is not in action inverts the rotation (indicated by the blue LED). Holding the button for at least four seconds starts up the “SMART PRO” programming mode (indicated by the LED flashing).

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Start up ergonomics.

The start up lever is another “smart” device in the system, designed to grant maximum freedom in terms of use. An analogue sensor with exceedingly robust mechanics/ electronics that are not susceptible to wear mean it can be contactless. Pressed, it slots perfectly into the tool’s casing thus ergonomically supporting to the user’s hand. In addition, the force required to start a tool at the beginning of its cycle is ergonomically irrelevant: work is less tiring thus productivity is at a maximum.

Exclusive “Smart Pro” Programming.

With four different start up modalities, eTensil is the unique screwdriver that allows the change of the start up modality without modifying the mechanical configuration.

An additional SIX functions can be activated by pressing and holding the reverse button for at least 4 seconds while pulling in the lever:

  • Switching on/off the automatic start up lock (in case of an anomaly: motor stalling or the early release of the push when tightening cycle is not complete, in modality 3 and 4)
  • Switching the front illumination LED on/off
  • Switching the untightening function on/off (left rotation tool).
  • Soft start: slow screwdriver start (from stopped to rated speed in approx. 1.5 seconds)
  • Pre-auto untightening by 4 turns. A useful feature when you have previously tightened parts that need loosening before being tightened to the set torque
  • Post-auto untightening by 4 turns. A useful feature when needing to tighten to the set torque and then loosen for a subsequent assembly.

Technical features

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