Power supply.
Intelligent energy.

Power supply unit that works in complete synchronisation with the screwdriver is a key element in making eTensil’s electric tightening systems so advanced. It provides electrical power levels appropriate for each operational mode while constantly monitoring screwdriver’s status and the whole tightening process. It is also used to activate various functionalities and increase programmability and other customisable features, for which the screwdriver is designed.

Functional design.

Functionality and aesthetics combine into a power supply design perfectly matched to Fiam’s style. Designed in the Research and Development department in conjunction with an Italian design studio, these units capture the same colours and style as the screwdriver range. The casing has been created using an exclusive mould, in a shape perfect for housing the internal technology that still allows the user practical access to required functions while the visual signals on the back remain visible. These features are accompanied by a sturdiness that makes each unit perfect for a vertical clamp, as a practical alternative to placing the unit on the working horizontally.

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A power supply and control system is installed inside the unit, which Fiam has designed and created so that tightening can be managed in a synchronised and efficient way. High-visibility LEDs are linked to the control devices inside so that the status of key procedures (such as correct functioning, selected speed, clutch being engaged, anomalies, emergencies) can be consistently monitored. This means all production activities continuously increase in efficiency.

Two models,
endless possibilities.

The basic version guarantees each screwdriver receives the correct electrical supply, as well as allowing the user to monitor key working procedures. The version with “optoisolated” input and output signals allows activation and remote control of some functionalities and results. The unit can handle 5 input signals for activating various functionalities and 5 output signals to indicate the completion of a work process or the screwdriver’s status.

Speed selection.

A membrane switch allows the user to set two rotation speeds. LOW is a reduction of a screwdriver’s maximum speed (on the motor nameplate) by approximately 20%.

Green LED: clutch shut off and motor stop.

Red LED: error (stalled motor) or “Button” + push to start activated.

Red LED: screwdriver not enabled (external signal stop) (only in TPU2 version).

Status LED (system on/off).

S1 – Available with the TPU2 versions – indicates the emergency warning light on the external signal.
S2 – Tool ready to use.
S3 – Tool in use (RUN).

Button for selecting tightening speed.

Port for connecting the supply cable to the screwdriver.

Start up button with light.

Port for electrical power supply cable.

Start up button with light Port in TPU2 version: Input signals

1. H/L speed
2. Motor stop
3. Reverse
4. Emergency
5. Start

Output signals
1. Ready
2. Stalled Motor
3. Run
4. Reverse
5. Clutch engaged

Technical features

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