Fiam’s electrical revolution.

Fiam has established itself as the leading company in industrial tightening internationally, leaping into the electric screwdriver market with its eTensil range. This selection of screwdrivers has been designed with the intention of raising standards in this sector. Electric, efficient and accurate, eTensil is the home-grown response to this modern industry’s demand for green, versatile and intelligent tools.

On production lines, the components to be assembled inevitably come in numerous different versions; Fiam offers solutions for every production needs to guarantee extreme production flexibility.

Etensil configurations:

  • Straight electric screwdrivers
  • Pistol electric screwdrivers
  • 90° – 30° angle electric screwdrivers
  • Straight electric screwdrivers with screw suction device, that makes the tool’s hold on the screws and their positioning easier and more secure.

New electric nutrunner motors for taking the efficiency of tightening process automation to the next level: eTensil was devised as a proudly Italian response to the industry 4.0 demand for green work tools, offering high levels of performance and reliability, smart tools designed to fit seamlessly into any smart manufacturing operation.

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