A project for the long-term.

eTensil components are built to guarantee the highest levels of reliability and safety throughout the life cycle of any operation. The engineering involved in the mechanics, the elegance of this executive range and performance tests passed, all arise from Fiam’s existing wealth of knowledge and specialist patents in the industrial tightening industry.

Latest generation brushless motor.

Brushless motors are the avant-garde in efficient and consistent performance, due to their high-precision mechanics. eTensil has been designed in order to obtain endless electric lifespan, thanks to the implementation of low wearing components, to low motor inertia and to a lower heating of the assembly. Hall sensors allow the user to have full control of rotation and ironless systems make the motor so light.

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Reduction assembly.

Increased performance in output, duration and noise level are the principles that guide the latest designs in gear assembly – aims we have achieved through research focused on ensuring gear lifespan and efficiency as well as the careful sizing and the incorporation of treatment options into the manufacturing cycle. Such innovative ways of working mean the gear assembly remains practically unchanged even after thousands of operational hours, as our lab tests prove.

Modular structure.

Functionalities integrated into the circuit board, reduced and simplified electrical connections, its clean design, the modularity and the seamless integration of electronic components into the mechanics; all bases of the constructive strength, designed to last and guarantee safe and efficient servicing.

Connection cable screwdriver – power supply.

The cable is extremely flexible, with sturdy connectors, designed to last over time and made entirely in Italy upon Fiam’s specifications. Standard length is 3 metres, which can be increased by adding additional cables. Extremely resilient, flame resistant and hallogen-free, designed to resist oils and to face extreme conditions of use in an industrial environment.

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