Green performance.

Fiam has always considered as a priority the safety of the working tools, which play a vital role in the assembly process. The eTensil project has grown into its current strategical importance over a long certification process that has involved collaboration between Fiam and three external laboratories in a series of “pre-compliance” tests. Fiam guarantees that its range of electric screwdrivers fully complies with latest electrical safety, EMC and ESD directives.

Low environmental impact.

No sliding electrical contact in the brushless electric motors prevents carbon and blade dust emissions thus creating a safer working environment. All eTensil components are made of recyclable materials, making it easy to dispose of them. The entire system in every element of the eTensil screwdriver range has been designed with the Life Cycle Assessment in mind: from supply chain to finalisation, from production to product transport, from usage to disposal.

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ESD certification.

Casing of eTensil range has been made using the latest technology in ESD dissipative plastic, thus avoiding the build up of electrostatic charge. Any electrical charges transferred by the user to the tool (and vice versa) are discharged to the ground without intruding upon the tightening area. In compliance with the latest European Directives, the eTensil range is immune to electromagnetic disturbances generated by cables or as a result of the interference of other devices. The tools do not influence other devices either. This is a huge advantage when assembling high-quality electrical components that must be protected from the build up of electrostatic charge.

“Dust proof” construction.

The casing of eTensil is designed and manufactured to reduce as much as possible dust and other waste or substances infiltrations, that can compromise functionality of the tool. The most exposed parts of the screwdrivers are duly sealed. This greatly reduces potential functioning issues linked to external, damaging factors. In addition, all labels are enclosed within the casing to keep them protected from wearing and ensure traceability.

Maximum safety.

Operating at low-voltage (32 volts) means maximum safety. Special ergonomic grips guarantee perfect thermal isolation.

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